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To post/send your photos/images jpeg, gif, png to your image web services. It works on Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux HP-UX, AIX, tru64, openvms, sco, irix, bsd, ....
Developed by SANFACE Software
Version 1.0 25 April 2010


SANFACE Software

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What is postphotos?

postphotos is a tool to send all your photos/images (jpeg, gif, png) to images sites (Flickr, Picasaweb, Twitter images sites, Blogger, ...)

Why do you need postphotos?

If you have a big archive of photos/images it's a long activity to introduce them in your preferred site. With postphots you can simply use a command like this
postphotos *.jpg *.gif *png
You can run postphots on Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, Mac OS X (In general in every system that runs PERL. We usually don't distribute the PERL code but if you ask us we can evalutate your specific case).

Download executable postphotos demo version

You can freely download and test the executable demo version of postphotos.
We currently have 6 executable versions:

For another operating system, such as FreeBSD, SCO Unix, Irix, Digital Unix (tru64) ask us the perl code.

Before you download our software, we ask you please to read the license and registration section to be aware of the licensing model which postphotos uses.  

If you're interested in purchasing postphotos, please see the purchasing postphotos section.

Purchasing, Licensing and Registration

postphotos is shareware. That means that you're welcome to try it and use it as much as you want for 30 days. If after that time you like postphotos or would like to continue using it, we ask you please to purchase it or remove it from your system.

$50 is the postphotos fee.

You can buy our software at RegSoft.  Click the button below to purchase postphotos:

Register NOW postphotos 1.x via a SECURE SERVER at www.RegSoft.COM  Payment options include Credit Card, FAX Ordering, Postal Mail, Phone.

Volume Discount

You can get the following bulk discounts:

5-10 licenses $45 each
11 or more licenses $35 each

Installing postphotos
  1. Unpack the source file that you downloaded.  For Windows, you can unzip using Winzip or the freeware 7zip and for Linux and other Unix flavours, you can simply use GNU tar.

  2. Test if the executable works correctly on your OS:

Configuration of postphotos

With postphotos you have 2 tools in the same executable:
  1. A command line tool you can use e.g. with your application that extracts data from a db and sends image by image to your image web service.

  2. A multi-images send tool that can send with a unique command line all your photos in your image web service.
    e.g. postphotos *.jpg */*.jpg ../*.gif

postphotos uses the file postphotos.cfg for its configuration file.  This file must reside in the same directory as the postphotos file, since it searches for this file at runtime.  You can create your own postphotos.cfg file.  Inside this file, you can change the values for the localmail, smtp, from, mailto, filetagseparator, filenameprog, attachlist

To change any of these values, you just need to edit postphotos.cfg.  You can also create a new .cfg file and tell postphotos to read it at runtime, using the -configure yourfile.cfg option.  In this section, we will discuss the most widely used variables, the one you are most likely to use with postphotos.

localmail to set the local sendmail or similar command. The default is sendmail -t -oi -oem
smtp to set the local or remote smtp host (you can use also the ip address)
from to set the sender. Please change this default with your email
mailto to set email addresses. You can use , to divide multiple emails. e.g. ",,"
attachlist : file inside list file you can put a list of yourimages (one every line) using absolute or relative path
By default postphotos, like multi-images send tool, uses the filname of every image like title and body of the email it will send.
If your images file are made using tags separeted by a special char e.g
you can set the filetagseparator "-" so phostphots will use like title and body "this is my image"
If all your images are like 12345.jpg, 12346.jpg, ... you can set filenameprog e.g. "holidays in USA" and the title and body will become "holidays in USA 1", "holidays in USA 2", ...

Remember: filetagseparator, filenameprog and attachlist are specific for multi-images send tool mode


postphotos [-options]

where options include:
-help print out this message
-configure file default postphotos.cfg
-verbose verbose
-test run a test without send email
-to "" the receiver
-from "yourname@yourdomain.ext" the sender (please change the default nobody\
-smtp host_name or ip address the host name or the ip address of the SMTP server
-subject subject the subject of the message
-textbody bodytext the body of the message (text)
-htmlbody bodyhtml the body of the message (html)
-image image the image file
command line tool example:
postphotos -to "name1\,name2\" -from "Name Surname " -sub "This is Test" -textbody "This is an important test" -smtp -image yourfile.jpg

Obviusly you can use postphots.cfg to set settings that don't change for every your command line.
multi-images send tool example:
postphotos *.jpg */*.jpg ../*.gif (obviously you have to set settings in your configuration file, default postphotos.cfg)

Pay attention: -textbody, -htmlbody and -image are specific of postphotos command line tool. Also: use only one between -textbody and -htmlbody.

List of webs that support the possibility to send images by email.

What's new in this version?
postphots is a trademark of SANFACE Software 2010-2010.
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