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The Plantrol Systems, Ltd. - SANFACE Software partnership

Plantrol Systems, Ltd. is a trusted custom software solution partner for the printing and forms manufacturing industry. Plantrol provides software and hardware combinations that allow their customers to manage their business without changing the way they do business.

Plantrol's customers needed to send quotations for their products via e-mail and fax, while retaining the ability to print the quote. Because each delivery method requires a unique format, Plantrol was faced with creating three different output processes.
Plantrol decided to use data2pdf to meet this specific need. Plantrol created a database to hold the field names, files, and the positions on the finished document. Plantrol's process sends this information to data2pdf and the resulting PDF file is then faxed, e-mailed, and/or printed, based on the customer's need at the time. Sanface's technology saved Plantrol production time and their customers are very pleased with the options the PDF allows them to exercise.
Plantrol is currently in the process of offering the PDF output as an upgrade and they are also using it as the standard in the new releases of their software. Their Report Program Generator uses data2pdf to create reports as PDF files that can be viewed, faxed, emailed or printed. They've also incorporated data2pdf into OmniTRIEVE, their document management solution.

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