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Version 2.2 12th July 1999

What is data2pdf?

data2pdf is a very power application developed with the core of txt2pdf script.
The idea is very simple, data2pdf gives you one or more white PDF pages where you can design what you want or write text or import JPEG images. You have to use an internal metalanguage and the PDF syntax.
It's possible to set background design, background text and background images. This means that if you use a background design it will be used in every page.
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With version 1.1 we added the possibility to import JPEG images (inside a single page or in every page)
With version 1.2 we added the possibility to use Internet link
With version 1.3 we added the possibility to import JPEG images
With version 1.4 we added the possibility to use WinANSI encoding
With version 1.5 we added the possibility to use Symbol and ZapfDingbats fonts
With version 1.6 we added the support of all the 14 default fonts, at the same time
With version 1.7 we added the support of day, month and year and the possibility to design over the images
With version 2.0 it's possible to create rules (functions)
With version 2.1 we added encoding option
With version 2.2 we added table support
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Create your PDF postcard
Create your PDF Ferrari postcard
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data2pdf is very speed and versatile.
We can customize data2pdf to extract data to your DB (via DBI e DBD) and make PDF, you can make to you a CGI that generates PDF on the fly.

data2pdf is the tool you are looking for!

Try a simple data2pdf demo version for Windows OS!
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Very complex?
Probably yes, but very power.
We'll help you to envelope what you need!