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PGPHTML: to make PGP or GPG signed web-pages

UNPGPHTML: to return to the originals from PGP or GPG signed web-pages with PGPHTML

by SANFACE Software

version 4.1 2002/06/19

PGP logo After we had read the nice page of Noel Bell PGP signed web-pages We thought nice method but not very simple to use. For this reason we wrote the simple perl tool pgphtml to generate PGP or GPG signed web-pages based on Noel Bell methodology and unpgphtml to return to the originals from PGP or GPG signed web-pages with PGPHTML. Source Code
You can also find the source code at CPAN authors/id/S/SA/SANFACE/
We've tested that: if your html is a valid HTML (e.g. this page was a valid HTML 4.01 tested using http://validator.w3.org/), the signed HTML will be a valid HTML, too. (e.g. this page is a valid HTML 4.01)
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SANFACE Software
Valid HTML 4.01!
This is the syntax for pgphtml
        pgphtml [-options ...] files

where options include:
    -help                        print out this message
    -gpg                         use GPG instead of PGP
    -verbose                     verbose
    -backup                      save the original files in .bak
    -passwd  yourpgppasswd

    with files you can use metacharacters with relative and absolute path name

    pgphtml *.html
    pgphtml -p "myfrase" *.htm
Problems, at the moment: What's new with version 4.0: History file

How to check the signature on this page [From PGP signed web-pages]

This page is digitally signed with GPG. You can check to see if it has been altered, by using GPG.

To do so, download or save this file to your hard drive. In Netscape, click on the word "File" on the menu-bar, then click on "Save as". In the "Save File as Type ..." box, make sure that "Source (*.htm)" is selected. Save the file with a ".htm" or ".html" extension, such as "pgp-www.htm". Similar methods will apply to other browsers. Just make sure you save the file as html source code.

If you haven't already got our PGP public key, you will need to get it now, and add it to your public keyring. Now, in the same directory that you have saved the file to, run "PGP pgphtml.html" and PGP should tell you that the signature from me is valid. This proves that the page has not been tampered with.

Enjoy it!

pgphtml is a trademark of SANFACE Software 2002.
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Version: GnuPG v1.0.6-2 (MingW32)
Comment: For info see http://www.gnupg.org