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Version 2.0 13th December 2002

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What is csv2txt?

csv2txt is a perl module and a perl program that uses the module to convert a CSV format to text format.
Some feature of csv2txt includes:
Getting csv2txt

The csv2txt sorce code tar.gz (last 2.x version)
You can also find the source code at CPAN authors/id/S/SA/SANFACE/

If you prefer executable versions write us, we can make you this service.


This is the syntax of perl module:

    my $csv = Text::CSV2TXT->new(
        $input,              # the csv file
        $delimiter,          # csv delimiter
        $alignment,          # cell alignment
        $addblanks,          # blanks added at the end of every cell
        $decimal             # max decimal number
This is the syntax of csv2pdf application:
csv2pdf [-options] files
    where options include:

        -help                        print out this message
        -delimiter char              the delimiter for your csv (default ";")
        -addblanks number            number of chars to add to every column
                                     (default 1)
        -current                     the program version
        -decimal                     Decimal format
        -alignment right|left|center left is the default
        -verbose                     verbose


       with list you can use metacharacters and relative and absolute path 
      csv2txt -a center -decimal 2 -delimiter ":" *.csv

    Every file of the list is converted in a text file. The final text file
    name will be the cvs file name + .txt extension.
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csv2txt is a trademark of SANFACE Software 2002.
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