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Union Distributing project

Union Distributing Company has been a Fuel and Lubricants distributor in Phoenix Arizona since 1986. Hundreds of customer orders are printed everyday. When the delivery of product is made, the order is confirmed and an Invoice is printed. Many invoices are faxed rather than printed. Union Distributing needed a form that would look good and be versatile. It needed to be able to be printed, faxed, mailed and now e-mailed. The custom accounting system is on a Unix platform running SCO OpenServer 5. We needed a way to generate this form and overlay the data and then print to our high speed copier for dispatch. When confirming the invoice, we needed a universal format in which to email. We knew we could use Adobe Acrobat PDF files. But how would we create them from our Unix server? That's where txt2pdf PRO comes in. With the txt2pdf PRO program we have been able to output not only our orders and invoices to PDF, but now all of our reports can be printed to disk and stored in PDF format for later review.

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