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Mosecker is a reseller of sanitary, heating, steel and kitchen products in Germany.
Our main software (SanGross by SHD) is running under Digital OpenVMS. With txt2pdf PRO we were able to send offers and other papers to our customers via EMail (with PDF-attachment). Usually we send these documents via fax. But we think, sending them via EMail is not so expensive. In the next few weeks i will change our software to send invoices to out customers and to send orders to other firms.

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Here a project we made using txt2pdf PRO:
We developed a intranet-system, which is used by our sales personal (from home or from office). The system is HTML based and completely written in Cache Object Script code (more information at
At some pages (5 at the moment) the user is able to view sales statistics for the last 3 years. The results are displayed in HTML tables. Here now is the point, where TXT2PDF Pro helps us. The collected data may be downloaded (with a simple click on a button) into a file. At the download window the user may choose between CSV-format, TXT-format or PDF-format. The CSV and TXT files are "handmade", the PDF file results of the TXT file.
At the next step (comming in the next few weeks) our users will be able to (re)-print costumer-invoices directly to PDF-format. Here will TXT2PDF Pro convert the stored TXT-data to PDF files "on the fly".

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