Version 6.8 29th November 1998

Developing by SANFACE Software <>
What is IndexMaker

IndexMaker is a PERL script to make an index.html file from PDF files, HTML files, VRML files and other files.
At the moment, it uses
  • the /Author field, the first /Title field and the /Subject field in every matched PDF files
  • the <TITLE> </TITLE> field and the META Description and Author fields in every matched HTML files
  • the Info node field in every matched VRML 1.0 files
  • the WorldInfo node field info and title in every matched VRML 2.0 files
  • the name of the file in the others
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From version 5.2 IndexMaker can scan the files in a directory recursively.
From version 6.0 IndexMaker can index files via FTP.
From version 6.5 IndexMaker can index files via HTTP.
From version 5.0 IndexMaker requires PERL

Getting and Installing IndexMaker

  1. Make sure you have Perl Version 5.003 or later on your system:

  2. Get the latest Version of PDF library module from: or CPAN

  3. Get the latest Version of libnet module from: or CPAN

  4. Get the latest Version of libwww module from: or CPAN

  5. Create your personal indexmaker.cfg file.
    In the configuration file (default indexmaker.cfg) there are two fields separated by a colon : (it is possible to change this default in the perl code): the first field is the name of the variable, the second is the value of the variable. This is the list of the variables supported:

        indexmaker [-options ...] list

where options include:
    -help                        print out this message
    -verbose                     verbose
    -recursive directory         scan recursively the directory
    -match     files             match different files ex. *.pdf, a?.*
                                 (require -recursive option)
    -configure file              default indexmaker.cfg
    -output    file              default index.html
    -input     file              a collection of input files and urls

    with list you can use metacharacters and relative and absolute path name
    and ftp URL like
    and http URL like
    indexmaker *.pdf
    indexmaker -c tests/test.cfg *.pdf
    indexmaker -v */*.html
    indexmaker -o home.htm *.gif *.tiff *.jpeg
    indexmaker -m *.pdf -r my_directory *.gz
What's new in this version
Here you can find an exhaustive history file


Source Code: the last release 6.8
Source Code: the last release without libwww-perl-5 6.1
You can also find the source code at CPAN


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