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The Information Development Consultants, Inc. (iDC) - SANFACE Software partnership

Information Development Consultants, Inc. (iDC) is a trusted financial management software solution partner for government and non-profit organizations.   Their scalable, flexible products are pre-designed for quick implementation, seamless integration, and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of both IT and Finance staffs.   4gov® is iDC’s web-based product for managing all aspects of government finance and producing accounting and payroll reports.

iDC recently partnered with SANFACE Software to convert all of 4gov®’s standard package reports into PDF documents.   After reviewing several products, txt2pdf PRO proved to be an excellent tool for the conversion.   "The PDF format adds a security component to 4gov®’s ‘open’ reporting structure", cites iDC’s President, Carolyne Turner.    iDC purchases and installs a license for txt2pdf PRO at their client locations.   4gov® reports can then be converted to a PDF format that can print on any printer and are easier to present, e-mail and share over the internet, plus the search capabilities of Adobe can be used in locating information in large reports.   "Our system is web-based and our clients want to send reports to government officials and department managers or print straight from the browser", explains Rick Adams, iDC’s Chief Software Engineer, "txt2pdf is executed in the background to provide a seamless interface for our clients."

Customers using 4gov® range in size from small communities to the government of a Pacific island nation.   These include cities, counties, departments of state government, airports, park districts, non-profits and special agencies worldwide.

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