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As budget restrictions and resources grow tighter, Eastern Washington University has chosen Txt2pdf-PRO as a tool to enhance productivity and reduce expenses.

Each of our student, financial, and loan management enterprise systems generates nightly reports that are distributed across campus. With these paper reports comes a number of costs that we are trying to reduce:

  • Cost of paper and its handling
  • Cost of report distribution
  • Cost of additional copies
  • Cost of report handling
  • Printer and hardware maintenance
  • Physical storage
  • Usability costs

With Txt2pdf-PRO, we are able to reduce expenses and increase productivity in each of the above areas. Txt2pdf-PRO runs on our mainframe OpenVMS system. However, as Txt2pdf-PRO is cross-platform and can run on any of our servers, we are guaranteed that it will run on future servers and operating systems and that we can scale its use to an enterprise level as its functionality is leveraged to benefit Eastern Washington University.

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