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DMS EXPO project

What is DMS EXPO?

DMS EXPO is a info chainment aptly (at Essen, Germany) describes the entire information chain:
  • Information Production (Creation and Layout)
  • Information Acquisition (Search, Retrieval and Data Mining)
  • Information Processing (Entry and Scanning)
  • Information Management (Engineering & Product Data Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing)
  • Information Storage (Data, Document and Information Data Warehousing)
  • Information Development (Knoledge-Management and Customer Relationship Management)
  • Information Logistics (Workflow, Supply Chain Management, Output Management, Messaging, Groupware, Networks and Telecomunication)
  • Information Archiving (Micrography,Analogue and Digital Archiving)
  • Information Security (IT Security and Digital Signatures)
  • Information Output (Digital Print On Demand)

Who will be visiting DMS EXPO?

Each September around 20,000 senior business and IT professionals know that DMS EXPO is a MUST ATTEND event. Experts from both home an abroad have partecipated in numerous forums, conferences and presentations.

Visitor pre-registration project

The idea of DMS EXPO was to realize a cgi application where the visitor can per-register himself. This application has to store the data and send on the fly to the email of the visitor his PDF ticket.
This project was developed with few days of work with using the SANFACE Software knowledge and data2pdf product.
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