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The Cronus Consulting - SANFACE Software partnership

Cronus Consulting is a company that specializes in the migration of applications to Open System platforms. We have developed unique products (ESP Products) and special techniques, which offer world leading migration solutions to the Open Systems segment of the Information Technology industry.

The company strives to provide innovative software and a high level of professional services both to its customers and partners, and accordingly there should be mutual benefit to all parties involved in any business transaction.

Cronus Consulting identified common problem areas that were complicated to manage or unavailable during the implementation of, or migration to, Open Systems platforms. We obtained a number of agencies for leading utility software products to compliment our software products where required. This include the SANFACE Software product "txt2pdf" which enabled our EspMail product to create and email PDF files from any Unix platform.

Coupled with a well-respected technical team and superior technical expertise, the company is now a complete solution provider with an infrastructure of consulting, support and education services to back up the software operation and ensure an efficient implementation, and optimal usage and operation of its software products.

With a wealth of experience in application migrations Cronus Consulting has an impressive track record and believe that with our specialized software and experience, we are well positioned as market leader in this industry.


Cronus Consulting enabled their EspMail products to support multiple attachments (Binary or Text) by using sendemails from Sanface.
The use of the product removed the complex coding issues commonly experienced when sending email messages from Unix via SMTP or sendmail protocol.
Using sendemails Cronus can now attach multiple datasets together with embedded messages with the greatest of ease.
Cronus offers a state of the art email and PDF service for any Natural/Adabas Open Systems installation by using the Sanface txt2pdf PRO and sendemails products.

Cronus Consulting has extended their agreement with SANFACE Software. The new Cronus product release ESP version v7.1.1 now utilises the SANFACE products ‘sendemails’ and ‘txt2pdfPRO’ exclusively and is supplied with each installation of the EspBatch software. SANFACE played a vital role in compiling the programs for various target platforms which enables Cronus to ship code with confidence, regardless of the target operating system.

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