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Auto-Wares Inc. is a group of companies in the automotive parts aftermarket business. Auto-Ware is dedicated to selling to the jobber, re-supplies and services over 800+ auto parts stores.
Auto-Wares has been using txt2pdf PRO for the past few years. In the past we produced invoices on preprinted forms. Thanks to txt2pdfpro we no longer need to purchase these forms. Txt2pdfpro allows us to dynamically generate PDF documents with barcodes, line graphics, shading and company logos. Employees can generate PDF reports which are sent to them via email. Customers are able to download or view their invoices on the Internet. These features not only save the company time and money, they allow us to provide better services to our users and customers.

The customer service at Sanface is great. They have always been prompt and thorough in responding whenever I've had a question.

Thanks for the great product and support,

Martin Kale
Auto-Wares Inc.

Here you can find an example of our invoices, now in PDF!

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