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Hurley Medical Center project

"I am the Senior Programmer Analyst responsible for the Human Resources/Payroll System (GEAC) at Hurley Medical Center an hospital in Flint, Michigan
I was requested to look for alternatives to using our mainframe printers. The cost for maintaining the printers was getting rather expensive and they are investing in software to redirect printing to our print shop here. My departments didn't really want the reports to print there.
We generate around 90,000 pages of paper during our pay run. Most of this is copied to fiche. But we still print between 10,000 and 12,000 pages during a pay. We had tried using Word to capture the reports because of page breaks but it significantly increased the file sizes and it takes a considerable amount of time to do it. I turned to the Web to look for alternatives.
With txt2pdf PRO we were able to capture and create PDF files. It uses less disk space and I can put a years worth of data on one CD. It cut the time to convert down by 3/4th. My next task will be to right policies and procedures so the Operations Department can assume the processing of the data for my users. Your help as we tested the product was thorough and produced exactly what I needed."

Keith T Hearsch

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